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Stan Schlueter

Stan Schlueter has been actively involved for 36 years in the Texas Legislative Process. Having served in the Texas Legislature from 1977-1989. Since 1989, Stan has served as a legislative and government consultant.

During his tenure in the legislature, Stan was named “Ten Best” by Texas Monthly Magazine.

While in the legislature Stan served on numerous committees but chaired the following powerful committees during his tenure.

  • Chairman, Committee on Calendars
  • Chairman, Committee on Ways & Means
  • Chairman, Committee on Financial Institutions

Here’s what others have said about Stan:

  • Texas Monthly, 71st Legislature
    Named Schlueter one of 10 Best Legislators
    "The most brilliant use of power since the light bulb."
  • The Dallas Morning News, 70th Legislature
    Named Schlueter one of "7 Best Legislators" used a combina-tion of technical skill and powerful personality, Schlueter has made himself one of the most powerful forces in the House." Cited Schlueter for his wide range of knowledge in tax and parliamentary procedures.
  • Texas Monthly, 70th Legislature
    Presented "Bermuda Triangle" award to Schlueter and two other house members who developed a critical compromise budget and tax plan that offered a realistic solution to the crisis. . "Schlueter was the only person at the Capitol who exercised any leadership on the only issue that really mattered."




Eric C. Glenn

Eric has been actively involved in the Texas Legislative Process since 1984. During his tenure, Eric has focused on legislative process and procedures and is widely recognized as an expert in parliamentary rules and procedure

Mr. Glenn has vast experience in both the legislative and regu-latory processes of Texas Government. He has worked in multiple areas of concentration and his experiences include:

  • Chief of Staff-Texas House of Representatives
  • Chief Clerk-Texas House Committee on Liquor Regulation
  • Chief Clerk-Texas House Select Committee on Rules
  • Chief Clerk-Texas House Committee on Licensing and Administrative Procedures
  • Legislative Director-Texas House of Representatives
  • Texas Workforce Commission- Director of Governmental Relations
  • Texas Association of Business-Governmental Affairs Manager
  • Humana, Inc.– Regional Legislative Manager

In addition to his legislative career, Eric was also a professional actor and is able to bring his talents from this arena to good use for our clients. Eric has appeared in numerous feature and television movies, commercials and corporate training films. He also appeared as a Series Regular on NBC’s 13 East.




Billy Hamilton - Associate

Billy Hamilton is a consultant in tax, fiscal policy and related issues. In this capacity Billy has worked with a wide range of public and private clients. He is a regular columnist on state tax matters for the national publication State Tax Notes.

Hamilton has been actively engaged at the highest levels of Texas Government having served under four different Comptrollers of Public Accounts. In his role and Chief Deputy, Mr. Hamilton was responsible for the day-to-day management of the Comptroller's Office.

Billy’s experience includes:

  • Chief Deputy Comptroller of Public Accounts-Carole Keeton Strayhorn
  • Deputy Comptroller-John Sharp
  • Deputy Comptroller-Bob Bullock
  • KPMG Peat Marwick-Director State & Local Services Policy Economics Group
  • Texas Select Committee on Tax Equity-Executive Director
  • California Performance Review-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger - Co-Executive Director

Billy is also the past president of the National Federation of Tax Administrators and the National Tax Association.




Carl Isett - Associate

Carl Isett served seven terms in the Texas House of Representatives retiring in 2010. Carl is also a Certified Public Account-ant and at the time of his election he was the only Tax Accountant in the Texas House.

During his tenure in the legislature he served as Chairman of the powerful Sunset Commission examining diverse agencies including, Texas Department of Insurance, Department of Information Resources, and the Texas Racing Commission as well as many others.  Carl retired in 2010 in order to serve his country in Afghanistan with the United States Navy.  He has been a Reserve officer for 21 years and was recently selected for promotion to Captain.

During his tenure in the Legislature Carl also served on the following committees:

  • House Committee on Appropriations
  • House Committee on Insurance
  • House Committee on State Federal and International Relation
  • House Committee on Elections
  • House Committee on Corrections
  • House Committee on Juvenile Justice and Family Issues
  • House Committee on Economic Development




Matt Matthews - Associate

Matt Matthews is an Attorney At Law and has been active in the Texas Legislature for over 22 years. As an attorney, Matt has represented a wide range of public and private industries including financial services, public utilities, gaming, health care, real estate, education, taxation, transportation and staffing.

Matt resume includes, state, local and federal campaigns. His experience includes:

  • United States Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson-Campaign Manager 2006 reelection campaign
  • Texas Republican Party-Executive Director Victory ‘98 Campaign
  • Texas State Senator Florence Shapiro-Chief of Staff
  • Texas House of Representatives– Chief of Staff
  • Senate State Affairs Committee-General Counsel
  • Chief Clerk-Texas House Committee on Financial Institutions
  • Texas Credit Union League-General Counsel




Dr. Mike McKinney

Dr. Mike McKinney is the former Chancellor of the Texas A&M University System (TAMUS).  He joined the Schlueter Group in July of 2011 after his tenure as one of the two longest serving Chancellors of the TAMUS over the last three decades.  While at Texas A&M, his leadership was critical in increasing the A&M Systems external research budget to nearly $800 million dollars.  While at A&M he was instrumental in the addition of two new campuses-Texas A&M-Central Texas and Texas A&M- San Antonio.  McKinney also spearheaded the building of two new University state-of-the-art health science centers in Bryan and Round Rock.

McKinney is a long time Austin insider having served four terms in the Texas House of Representatives. Before leaving the Texas House, McKinney rose in the ranks eventually serving as House Speaker Pro-Tempore. 

McKinney graduated from the U.T. Medical School at Galveston and practiced medicine in Centerville Texas for 16 years, where he was elected to the Texas House of Representatives, serving from 1984-1991. 

Prior to his time at the TAMUS, McKinney filled a number of critical roles in Texas government including Chief-of-Staff to Gov. Rick Perry.  Gov. George W. Bush appointed McKinney Commissioner of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. McKinney also served as Senior Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston.

His private sector experience includes, Medical Director and Vice-President of NHIC/STAR for Electronic Data Systems and President and CEO of Centene-Texas, a Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance company. 

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